Dr. Tudor has hosted Backtoschoolready.com since the last century.  Dr. Tudor presented through YALE UNIVERSITY, the World Wide Webs future attributes to the G7 in the European Union's new Parliment Buidling in 1993.  This newly revised version of Back to School Ready brings our services into the 21st Century and gives you the learner, parent or guardian of the learner a chance to increase your academic self-esteem.

Dr. Tudor coined the term academic self-esteem since in his research, he noted that social self-esteem was often both school and parents' greatest focus.  Whether a child was feeling accepted on the soccer field or in the class social interactions was often the most important question being asked.  However, Dr. Tudor noticed in his reserach that often children, adolescent learners and particularly older learners have a sense of low academic self-esteem.  Often a learner tells themselves, "I'm no good in math.'  This feedsback into their subconscious opinion of themselves and has important ramificiations to possible further progress in the study of math.

The undergraduate degree Dr. Tudor earned was from Boston University in the pre-medical studies of biology and chemistry.  He postponed entering medical to serve as the first group of United States Peace Corps Volunteers in NIGERIA IV in 1961-1964.  Working teaching biology and chemistry at Form V & VI Oyo, Nigeria and working and also a Blood Bank Technician at the University of Ibadan Hospital, Ibadan Nigeria,  Dr. Tudor witnessed first hand the work and goals of medical doctors.  He realized that his calling was to address children's state of mind and academic health through studying and researching gaming as a method of organic and natural learning for particularly young beings.  He wrote a doctoral thesis on gaming entited SYNTAX:  An interactive gaming device for syntactic pattering exercises and language acquisition skills at TEACHERS COLLEGE, Columbia Univesrity.  This website on page 1 gives instructions to create the gaming device for yourselves.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this website, Back to School Ready is offering a wide range of materials developed to raise the academic self-esteem of learners of all ages.  The website's target audience is the parent, guardian, caregiver, baby sitter or teacher of children ages 4 through 14 years old.  But persons of older ages profit from this website's focus on academic self-esteem.  Persons whose original language might not be ENGLISH profit from the suggestions and instructions in all TABS in the above navigation bar.

SYNTAX:  This is truly a cross wording game.  Players cross words of sentences that they develop from two different sources:  functional word board, and an envelope containing content words.  Clicking this TAB above will explain the value playing this game has for young learners and adults who are learning English as a second language.

VIRTURE SERIES:  Each book presents a virtue which might help a child develop a strong and helpful character. READ TO book for ages 4-6 or a self-read for ages 7-14 years old.  Clicking this TAB above will permit you the books.

ORGANIC FARM:  Forty-six years ago, Dr. Tudor started an organic farm in Hope, New Jersey to research the connection between past centuries study of survival on their land with the challenges urban and city dwelling youngsters have in grappling with the function of each thing they are asked to learn. Click here to see how fucntional learning and playful organic learning come with the 'territory of farmland and the duties therein'.

THINK TO WRITE:  This important document gives teachers and parents an overall understanding of strategies to improve their students' brain power.  Writing well is organizing one's thoughts well.  The document explains at least four strategies that have been proven successful in composition.

EAT WELL THINK WELL:  This book describes in detail what children ought or ought no be fed.  Hydration is key.  Click this TAB to get nutrition for going back to school ready for high academic success.

FRACTIONS & DECIMALS:  Teaching with manipulation of clay balls, Dr. Tudor has developed a strategies to help 2nd graders feel comfort in mastering fifth grade math skills of adding, subtracting and dividing fractions and decimals.

YEARNING for LEARNING:  This compilation of articles written over a decade for newspapers by Dr. Tudor is an excellent resources to encourage your charge to yearn to learn.

PLAY as ORGANIC LEARNING:  The most natural way for humans to learn is playfully.  Details of game and play applications are spelled out in this tab.

SPELLING CORRECTLY:   Dr. Tudor's spelling program gives learners from 5 to 75 a grasp understanding phonetics and applying it to both reading and spelling correctly.

ND-JR-TD NOTATIONS:  The value of these notations in improving the learners flow through new material is important.  Please click the tab to understand these notations as a teaching-learning strategy.

BIOGRAPHIES:  The detailed use of biographies will help parents and teachers grasp how they are used to improve academic self-esteem.

FUNCTIONAL LEARNERS:  This section outlines the goal of learning.  The term functional learners was coined by Dr. Tudor to describe the student who learns how to seek out the function of each item asked to be learned.  Teachers and parents will gain insight from reading about fuctional learning and how best it is implemented to develop functional learners.

DIGITAL BLISS:  Smartphones, tablets, ALEXA, Google Devices, laptops and digital cameras for stills and video all contribute to raising your learners academic self-esteem.  This section details how to use video games and many interests your youngster already has to channel it into their successful academic futures.