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Elementary school second, third and fourth graders often do not get opportunities to practice taking math tests where all the math skills are tested at one time. These math practice tests are the answer to that problem. They help children see standardized test's formats and see many different types of math problems in one short test. Often 3rd and 4th graders are tested in math only on the skill being taught that month. For example:

  • September - Addition
  • October - Addition with carrying
  • November - Subtraction
  • March - Fractions
  • etc...
As a classroom teacher, you will appreciate these simple and mixed skill tests for your classroom to practice prior to the spring state testing where all math skills are combined in one test. Parents can also use these to watch their children test in a non-stressful situation in all math skills. The questions are in the following order on each practice test: simple addition, simple subtraction, add with carrying, subtract with borrowing, simple multiplication, simple division, fractions, and decimals.

Within seconds from now, your printer will deliver to you a free sample problems in math.  Click on and print out the sample below prior to purchasing the worksheets and parent/teacher's answer keys:

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